About us

We come from the healthcare sector and we invest in the healthcare sector.

The maierhofer Group is the result of over 70 years of constant corporate development, which in 2014 culminated in the official establishment of the parent company Maierhofer Holding Ltd. Since then, Maierhofer Holding Ltd has consolidated all of the holdings of the Maierhofer founding family, as well as a number of new holdings. “Growth in balance” is at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

The company is owned by the Maierhofer founding family and Dr. Filip Ogris-Martič. The consortium has an international network in its core sector at its disposal, and actively supports and guides the companies belonging to it in their development and implementation of their business ideas. Maierhofer Holding Ltd sees in permanent business development a long-lasting task of the consortium and is always open to discussions and potential joint business initiatives – simply get in touch with us and present your ideas and business plans.

Herbert Maierhofer

Managing Partner

Born 1962

Studied Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Business School of the University of Genoa. In 1988 he began working for his parents’ company and took over management in 1989. To the then-core business of orthopedic technology he added a focus in the areas of medical supplies and rehabilitation technology.

In 1993 came the first steps in the area of planning and complete interior design of healthcare facilities, with a focus on nursing homes, private clinics, and rehabilitation centers. Since 2012 the know-how that has been gained in the development of large projects has also found Europe-wide recognition for projects in the hotel and business industries. As the founder of many companies that are today merged under the maierhofer Group, Herbert Maierhofer is now pursuing the strategic growth of the group and the lasting prosperity of the company with his partner, Dr. Filip Ogris-Martič.

Dr. Filip Ogris-Martič

Managing Partner

Born 1963

Doctor of law and also passed the tax consultant exams within the framework of his education with KPMG Austria and Ernst & Young in Vienna. From 1995 to 2004 he held different functions in the Hamburg-based company Reemtsma, today Imperial Tobacco Group – the geographic focus of his work was South-East Europe. From 2006-2010 he was a board member and CFO of the Telekom Slovenije Group. Before he took on the challenge of being a partner in the maierhofer Group, he was an independent management consultant in Klagenfurt, embedded in the networks of responsible4results in Vienna as well as the Adizes Institute in California.

The Group is led by the managing partners Herbert Maierhofer and Dr. Filip Ogris-Martič, and a team of general managers. Both owners are represented in all associate companies as general managers or supervisory authorities. Responsibility for the companies they manage, combined with passion for the business, is what distinguishes the entire leadership team. As entrepreneurs, they look for opportunities and are ready to take on risks; as managers, they want to limit the assumed risks – in the balance of both they see the right formula for success.

Creating and maintaining lasting value calls for a high degree of responsibility in daily business. Our philosophy is based on sustainability, a focus on quality, and using synergistic effects.

We are exclusively long-term focused and ensure the preservation and development of our associate companies and their jobs by constant market observation and further development based on this.


We are long-term focused and emphasise continuous development

Focus of Investments

The investments of the maierhof Group focus mainly on companies in German-speaking regions, particularly in the following areas:

Interior Design & Furnishing Projects

Planning offices for interior design and furniture manufacture in Health & Care, among other areas

Health & Care

Orthopedic technology, rehabilitation technology, medical supplies & lymphology

Information ­Technology

Software development and hosting in the health and care sector, powered by ANEXIA

Structure of our Holding